Thursday, 2 October 2014

Life in KML ~

Assalamualaikum w.b.t ~

Okay, first entry while in Labuan Matriculation College .. First impression "maaauuuu baliikkkk !" but yeahh, they said "tak kenal maka tak cinta" .. So, aku try la juga suai kan diri dekat sini . Mula-mula tu memang lah, tertekan yang amat sangat .. Bayangkan, in 18 years this is the first time I was apart from both my parents T.T 

But then, after awhile aku jumpa dengan kawan yang boleh dikatakan sehati sejiwa and it was my classmate .. Ohhh, forgot to mention that in my class there's only 3 boys including me and they're the one that I mentioned just now .. Enough about them, entry kali ni aku nak cerita pasal what I've been through while I'm here in Kolej Matrikulasi Labuan .. Next time aku ceritakan pasal dorang pula :)

Betul lah cakap orang, di matriks ni everything must be done on time .. Time is precious here, you can't waste it even a minute .. Tapi tahu je laa, teenager like me hard to manage time since I'm not good at time managing .. First week study, BOOOM ! assignment berlambak .. Arghhhh, stress .. tu belum di tambah dengan perangai manusia yang agak annoying sedikit and yeahh, maybe they don't know how to respect other's feeling .. But yeahh, nak tegur takut melukakan hati dorang pula kan, so the only way to keep on survive is just to ignore every single thing that annoyed me (O_<) fyi; not everyhting they do is annoyed me .. there's some that really getting on my nerve ..

Hidup dekat matriks ni tak lah susah macam yang aku bayangkan .. kalau dah tahu basic thing untuk survive, hahh tu dah kira okay lah tu . tahu macam mana nak bernafas, nak makan .. Hahh, memang bole survive la tu .. Hihihihiiii ~ tapi yeah, it's a normal thing kalau first time di tempat baru memang akan rasa awkward, blank dan yang sewaktu denganya lah .. 

Jadi nasihat aku untuk batch yang seterusnya, don't panic, keep calm and make yourself comfort .. Heehehe .. First tu memang la susah nak suaikan diri, but then after you guys dah jumpa kawan yang memang sesuai dengan identiti kamu, you won't feel frustrated anymore .. They said life is too precious to stressed yourself out, so yeahhh .. Just enjoy your life, no need to feel stress .. and I guess, that's all from me ..


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